Miss Terius and Mr. Rius in Malinau (Part 5)

Hi Mbak Selly..how are you? I heard you come home already in Surabaya. I hope you enjoy your time right now.
Do you still remember me? Hehe, yeah, I am Tami, a girl who you met with in Malinau.
I always keep a moment I spent with you long time ago. The time when you and I spent several days in mba Indah’s house. We talked many things. You told your story, and so did I. And in the middle of our talking, you advised me something really precious.
You told me “terkadang ada hal hal yang tidak perlu untuk dijelaskan”.  Sometimes there is a thing that we are not neccecarry to know the explanation.
“Let the time explains to you. Right now might be not the proper time for you to know the clearity. You are not ready for knowing the fact”, you added.
Mbak Selly, your words were so amazing for me. It brought the nature of advise that is for enlightening. Yeah, it was likely a light for me. It was the time when I understood one of the formula of life. It was the time when I realized that I needed to be patient with God’s plan. I keep your words till now Mbak Selly. Many thanks for your sharing.
Thank God I met you.
Keep inspiring ya Mbak.

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