Dirty Plate

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Since it’s considered as awkward moments in my life, I am going to write my stories using English. Though these stories will be mostly about shameful things, I still want to keep sharing these to you. Kwkwkwkw.

My first story is about dirty plate. It happened when I was still in grade 5. You know, I was kind of a person who was really conceited, fierce, and egoist. People around me realized this, and I did not care what people said. It drove people unwilling to talk with me and even just say hello. My sister always said that I was weird. Kwkwkw. Once again, I did not care.

Even, people in my home also were also unwilling to talk with me. You know, there was not only my family who stayed in my hut. There were workers as well. They usually spent the break time in the dining room to get lunch and watch television. 

That day, I was getting tired and hungry after playing with my neighbours. I came to my house and headed to the dining room directly. I did not care whether there were still workers there. I saw them enjoying the television and it meant they finished with their lunch. Therefore, I took a plate, rice, soup, and some side dishes. I did not talk to them, but I thought they were weird. Three of them noticed my gesture, and I heard sound of a giggle. I stared at them at glance, and then went away to fill my tummy.

I eat in the living room. I planned to finish my meal in the long time so that when I came back, the workers had gone already. 

As it was planned, when I came back, they were not there. And I put the dirty place in stack of other dirty places. And…what a hell! There were two stacks of plate there. I got confused which one was the dirty plate. Those were mostly same. The meal was soup, so if the eaters were too hungry, they, including me, would finish the meal until the rest. So, the plate would be likely clean as before.

Aaaaah..I knew why those workers laughed at me. It’s because of this apparently. I took the dirty plate to eat.

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