The Ministry of Illumination

Hasil gambar untuk embarrassing moment 

Every Wednesday, I got a civics lesson from Mr. Sudibyo. He was considered as the funniest teacher of grade XII in SMA N 1 Karanganom. The students in class XII IS 2 were enthusiastic with him so that we always paid attention to his explanation.  

One day on Wednesday, as usual, he made our classroom became so cheerful. He explained about the principle of democracy and the implementation in our country as well. He also added the procedure of doing protest. 

In the mid of his explanation, my attention was suddenly broken by something. I lost my pen which was the only one I brought to school. I was panic. I moved my chair a bit, and tried to look for it under the chair by using little gesture so that Mr. Sudibyo did realized. Yet, I cannot control my gesture. I bowed and searched my pen under the chair with ignoring Mr. Sudibyo’s explanation.

And then,,

Hey, Cah Mbutoh, sopo jenenge?”, asked him.
He knew that I was a Butuh’s villager but I thought he did not know my name, so he just called me by the name of my village. So, I presumed that he wanted to know my name first and then asked me about the lesson.
“Uli Tri Utami, Pak?” I answered with full off confidence.

All of my classmates laughed at me, even my friend besides me did horselaugh. I got confused, and my face turned into the stupid face by being open-mouthed. Did I make any mistakes?

Aduh aduh, lha koq Uli Tri Utami tho”, Mr. Sudibyo still kept laughing and responded with that question.
Heh? I must have had a silly thing. Then I asked my friend who were still laughing until crying.
Hey, Sit, kenapa he? Salah pow jawaabanku?”, I aksed.
And then she answered, “Ya Allah Mi, tadi kowe ditakoki sopo jenenge Menteri Penerangan jaman Soeharto. Lha koq jawabane malah Uli Tri Utami”. 

You know what, the public (red:my classmates) assumed that I was making a joke because I did not know the real name of the Ministry of Illumination. No, that was not true. I really did know what did Mr. Sudibyo mean. I just heard that he asked my name. Kwkwkwk. 

Oh my God. How terrible I was! I thought that was the most ashamed day of my life.

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