Coquettish Skirt

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Beside arrogant, egoist, and fierce, I was bit coquettish. It’s just a bit not much. Kwkwk. It’s hard to admit it, but I needed to because it will link to my other shameful stories. 

I was lack of attention from my family. My parents were busy on getting money to survive. My sisters were busy on their friendship. I was not smart, funny, or even cute that perhaps did not attract people around me. And, finally, I was such attention seeker. Hahaha. Very bad. 

I was 11 years old, and I like spending my time playing with friends after school. And, there was a new handsome worker in my house. Oh ya, there were many man workers in my house previously. 

Though I was uncommunicative, I like trying to get the workers’ attention by laughing with friends, showing my ability like gardening, and doing something weird like using a beautiful skirt when playing. That afternoon, I rode my bicycle around the village. When I finished and felt tired, I decided to back home. I wanted to show to the workers that I was expert in cycling so I pushed the pedal with the high speed though I was passing the curve of my garage. 

Could you imagine what happened? Ok. Heh,,I cannot control my speed, and the brake was suddenly broken. I hit the pole in front of the workers hardly. My bicycle and I rolled back and the skirt as well.
P.S. The little me was not using pant. I was embarrassing so badly.
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