It’s been a long time I didn’t consider to be a “self-lover”. The frequent of blaming, hating, and underestimating my existence is much higher than the time of appreciating and loving my self. Too many failures drove me to judge that I was so stupid. Standing a bit long time in the downtime made me feel that I was so useless for the society. Too much comparing my self with others lead me to think that I was nothing. Those attitudes bring some several negative treatments to my health both body and mind. I forgot about the importance of smiling that actually shows to the world and prove to God that I’m extremely grateful and feel positive to everything He’s given to me. I often didn’t realize the importance of doing exercise for the ideal and healthy body. I used to eat several foods which I love the most without considering the nutrition and the calorie so the fat accumulates on my body and causes the unhealthy skin. In addition, I was too permissive for the negative taught dropping to my mind that getting rid of the happiness of my life. 

Someday, I saw a whatsapp status of my friend. She wrote “Dear my amazing life, I love you”. Yes, I know that she’s been experiencing up and down of life. Too many choices, too many failures, too many mistakes, too many disappointment, too much worries, too much uncertainty. Yes, I know that she’s been striving to survive so that she would not fall in the hole in her road. However, no matter how she almost gave up to her life, she kept telling to her self that she loves her life. She’s been enjoying her path. She’s been trying to not compare too much her life with others. She’s been attempting to have the soul of acceptance. She did not want to push harshly to herself that eventually only hurt her body, mind, and feeling. She realized that she was the only one who had to be responsible for her life especially her future. Therefore, she summed up that her life was so amazing, and she had to cuddle and love it. Finally, she found happiness.

Yes, I agree with the status. My life is just consignment. Live it well then. Love it. Give the best treatment. My soul needs to be happy, and then give its right. Be happy by giving money to the poor, sharing your knowledge in blog, smiling in every condition, letting go everything you can hold, gratitude with whatever He gives to you, and keeping positive instead of negative situation. My mind needs a break, and then allocate time to read whatever you want like novels, comics, or funny magazine, go somewhere, visit old friend, plant some flowers, etc. Your body needs treatment, so go to the saloon, go to the swimming pool, and go to the gym. Your life needs improvement and then go to the seminar, join some discussion forum, and even enrolled to a course.

Finally, I realized that loving your life is a start to love your society.

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