Memories of Happiness in 2017 (January Series)

 "If your are grateful, I will give you more and more"
(Qur'an 14:7)

1. Able to stay in a cozy dormitory near Kalitan Mosque, Surakarta.
 Picture 1. The Window of My Dormitory's Room
2. Told a story about saving cat to my niece and cousin, Habib and Syifa.
 Picture 2. Syifa in Plaosan Temple

 Picture 3. Habib in Plaosan Temple

3. Had a feeling of hating someone and working hard on how to overcome this.
4.When I wake up in the morning in my new dormitory, I was greeted by very beautiful bird voice, and amazing sunrise.
5. Had a courage to invite friends in my office to join a seminar.
6. Got delicious chocolate from my office friend.
7. Got two pieces of banana fried and a piece of pizza from my office friend when I feel starving. (Without informing him what I feel of course.)
 Picture 4. A Piece of Paparon Pizza

8. Enjoyed sunset after heavy rain all day in the rooftop office.
 Picture 5. Before Continuing Over-Time, I Went Upstair to See the Sky
9. Listened to a friend's problem.
10. Made 70 rice boxes for family's birthday.
 Picture 6. 70 Boxes of Gudangan Rice

Picture 7. The Preparation
11. Eat a lot of fruits
Picture 8. Mom's Support for Maintaining My Body
12. Got a picture of current Tsaqiif's body
Picture 9. His Mom Sent His Pic after I Said I Missed Him
13. Enjoyed a cold weekend morning with a glass of tea and chatting with members Kita Semua Bahagia's WhatsApp Group.
Picture 10. A Glass of Tea in the very Cold Morning

14. Got a lot of snacks from Ibuk Pantry.

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